Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Taipei Delight and Nitro Lab, Glen Waverley MELB

To me, Kingsway avenue at Glen Waverley can be divided into two completely different sections of the street. On the side that's nearer to the cinemas, one can find a livelier scene that is heavily populated by a younger crowd. Meanwhile, the side of Kingsway that is nearer to the Glen complex is a little more toned down in comparison.

This will have to be my first time dining on this side of the street and although it is not as happening, it is a pretty decent spot to hang out at for overdue catchup sessions;) I popped by a little Taiwanese restaurant that serves a few popular Taiwanese dishes and was pleasantly greeted by the friendly family that mans the shop together.

Spicy and sour beef noodles ~ probably not for the ones with fragile tummies and probably not everyone's cup of tea because the spicy yet sour soup can be overbearing. Nevertheless, it was good value for money and satisfied my Taiwanese beef noodles craving:)

Another item that is famous is Taiwan would be their fried chicken. And no, it's not KFC. At barely $2/chicken fillet in Taiwan, it could not have gotten any better for a nibble whilst brisking down the street. Here, the oil for deep frying is heaps "fresher" the chicken as compared to the one in Taiwan. Succulent chicken with a crisp outer layer. Yum.

After all that spicy food, why not head over to Nitro Lab and grab yourself a nitrogenated gelato? A few quirky flavours but yummy nevertheless:)

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