Thursday, December 4, 2014

Ajisen Ramen and Raramen

In celebration of the recently concluded annual Night Noodle Market event, I had an annoying craving for noodles and so, this blog post is dedicated to my recent noodle-ing around Melbourne. As strange as it may sound, I prefer noodles over rice anytime. Yes, I am Asian but do not judge me!;)

Ajisen Ramen used to be one of my go-to places for a quick and cheap bite in Adelaide although it's not something that I constantly craved for. Walked past this place in Melbourne CBD, peeped at the menu and walked in without a second thought (ok, so I was hungry to the point where I was getting cranky haha).

Deep fried tofu ~ Besides being a mushroom addict, I am also strongly drawn to tofu inspired dishes and this is one of my favourites from Ajisen. Tofu cubes came out piping hot, drizzled with miso sauce. The sauce was a bit too salty for my liking but I suppose that's the idea of countering the plain tasting tofu.

Pork katsu ramen ~ The katsu was fried to crispy perfection. Soup had a stronger flavour compared to the ones I have tried in Adelaide. Thumbs up from me:)

Pork cheeks ramen ~ the pork cheeks melted in my mouth which secretly made me begged for more. Sadly, This is not a pork cheeks only dish so you don't get heaps of them. Oh wells...

Best thing about this foodie experience? Contradictory to popular belief, I wasn't dashing to get a cup of water and at about $10 a bowl, it was a satisfying deal:)

Round 2 of noodles begun with a trip around the block where customers kept walking into this restaurant. Yes, at just 6pm, this place is already packed but have no fear as there's more seats upstairs. Oddly, the menu (and prices) reminded me of Dumpling King back in Adelaide.

Shanghai noodles ~ at less than $10, this can be deemed value for money, especially if you love your carbs.

House special beef noodles ~ light broth with home made noodles, chunky pieces of beef and a bit of veggies. Not too bad although could use a bit more seasoning:)

Pork and prawn dumplings ~ who can resist these little things? Dip them in a bit of vinegar if you like but just be careful as they are steaming hot. From memory, it was 10 pieces for $9.50? :p

And yes, it was a frugal weekend haha;)

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