Friday, December 19, 2014

Top Paddock, Richmond MELB

As some of my friends may know, I am not someone who likes to wait in line for food purely because I start to get cranky. Cranky for not getting to a particular place on time and cranky when hunger starts to churn from the inside. Which was sort of what happened when I came here. Notably, there must have been at least 8 groups of hungry people in front of me and it begun to drizzle slightly.

After the slight drizzle, we managed to get ourselves into the restaurant which, btw, looks very grandeur. Service was extremely efficient, just like a well oiled machine except that this one was pipping out coffee and pretty looking dishes.

Yes, coffee here is good :) I am not coffee expert but I can definitely tell from a watered down version to one that has been freshly grounded.

Deep fried soft shell crab roll with fennel and dill salad and lime mayonnaise in a brioche bun ~ Brioche bun had a very strong buttery aroma and quite easily made me drool from it's scent. However, the soft shell crab was a little too salty for my liking and sadly, this made the entire dish hard to stomach. Such a pity as it had good potential!

Chilli scrambled eggs with mushrooms and feta on toast ~ Produce wise, good ingredients were used to construct this dish. I liked it although it was probably missing a few points for me. Was expecting the chilli to actually be incorporated into the scrambled eggs (did I interpret the description wrong?:/) and it was a little under seasoned for my liking. Not a major problem but could do with some improvements.

A bit of a pity as it costs a bit more compared to other places but fell short on a few areas.

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