Tuesday, December 16, 2014

La Porchetta and DOC Espresso, MELB

It's been too long since I last had Italian meals and so, when the craving kicks in, it comes with vengeance. I am no expert in Italian cuisine but I do know that Italians love their pasta and pizza dough..ohh and don't forget their wines too, possibly some of the better white wines I have had thus far.

La Porchetta for the budget friendly consumer aka forget about decorating the plate, just give us hearty portions of delicious food. Staff here are extremely friendly and attentive, rest assured there are plenty of seating areas for diners (read less noise pollution from neighbouring tables haha).

Garlic bread ~ would have liked the bread to be a bit more thicker but that's just a minor comment. Every bite had sufficient garlic infused into the bread. Be warned if you are dating a vampire haha.

Porchetta pizza ~ the pizzas here come in small, medium and large sizes so one can easily tailor their needs. The pizza was not soaking in oil unlike some other places and was seasoned to my liking.

Gnocchi pesto ~ gnocchi can be a very more-ish type of pasta for some and when paired with a creamy based sauce, this might not be something you want as a main, especially if you are not sharing. Gnocchi was pillowy soft and shaped into bite-sized pieces.

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On the other side of town, I've wandered along Lygon street and finally planted myself in their restaurant. Based on the staff's accents, I am 99.5% certain that they are Italians and their love for their food runs deep in their veins. The menu is pretty simple to digest and if you are ever confused with some of the terms, do not be afraid to ask.

This was their special pasta of the day which was loaded with two different types of cheese and bits of bacon. One can tell that their pasta is not from the supermarkets and every ingredient in this dish worked well with each other. A very simple dish done well.

Porcini mushroom pappardelle ~ at first, I was skeptical about ordering this purely because it might be a little too stingy in terms of portions for my liking and also whether I will be satisfied with not having any meat for dinner. Was I wrong. The chef was certainly gave me a generous portion of mushrooms here and now I know why Italians love their olive oil. Good olive oil brings so much flavour and aroma to a dish and when topped with a decent grating of parmesan, this was simplicity at it's best.

Tiramisu ~ at the bottom of the cup lies a bed of sponge cake soaked in coffee whilst the top part of the tiramisu counterbalances the strong coffee flavour with it's lighter, creamier texture. Just the way I like it:)

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