Friday, December 12, 2014

HuTong Dumpling Bar, CBD MELB

A few weeks ago, I started browsing through pictures of my Taiwan trip and sadly enough, I begun to crave for xiaolongbao. Xiaolongbao is a type of dumpling that is, traditionally, steamed and contains about a spoonful of broth in it. The slightest prick to the delicate dumpling's skin will result in the broth oozing out of it. Sometimes, this is not what you want because you might spill some/ most of it and will be left feeling very miserable. It's not the end of the world though!

A friend recommended this place as it is pocket friendly, excellent surrounding and food-wise, yummy. I strongly recommend making a booking as this place can get very packed and you don't want to be disappointed.

Stir-fried string beans with minced pork in chilli sauce ~ string beans were cooked just the way I like it and it had a good hint of spiciness to it.

Salted braised pork in new style ~ would have liked it to be warmer because to me, pork fat when cooled can get a bit....well...not something I enjoy:/

Dong Po square soft pork ~ just one piece for $7.80. A bit reluctant to order it but after tasting it, got the thumbs up from me. Fat literally melts in your mouth. Soft and very flavourful.

Xiaolong bao ~ the moment of truth, Yes, it lived up to it's hype. Not as good as the ones I tasted from Taiwan but still good enough to satisfy the craving. Broth was extremely packed with flavour and the meat filling was well marinated.

Pan fried dumplings ~ not usually a fan of fried dumplings as they sometimes turn out dry. The ones here are definitely not dry and still had a little bit of the filling's juices enclosed in the pastry. Highly recommended:)

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