Monday, March 30, 2015

Gekkazan @ GPO, MELB CBD

I hardly have the opportunity to have lunch in the CBD area due to work commitments and travelling distance. Henceforth, imagine the endless, growing list of places that I would like to visit when I make a trip to the city.

Gekkazan usually operates at lunchtime and some nights for dinner. I may be able to drag myself here after work on a weekday but then again it would be a very tiring night if I do. And so, lunch on a Saturday arvo would be the best time available.

Food is to be ordered at the front followed by payment and then you will be given a table number. Sit anywhere you like and before you know it, you food will be cruising onto the table.

Sushi platter ~ for $14.90, this was a decent price to pay. Sushi was fresh, rolls were neatly framed by the nori summary, it was spot on.

Katsudon ~ the katsudon's sauce was very potent. Some people may find it a little too thick for their liking but I thought it was alright. The bowl was neatly decorated and fear not, lots of vegetables to balance the meal. Certainly filled me up for the day.

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