Thursday, March 19, 2015

Izakaya Chuji, CBD MELB

Whenever I am in the CBD region, I tend to stick to a few favourite spots as they have obviously be tried, tested and approved by yours truly. Trying new restaurants/ cafes is often a hit or miss subject for me, to which, may affect my mood thereafter.

But as always, my favourite spots will eventually reach a point whereby I need to jazz things up a bit or I may lose my appetite overall. And so, begins the food hunt.

I have been craving for Japanese lately and having been to not many restaurants in the CBD, I flicked open Urbanspoon, scrolled through a few websites and found a place that I may like.

In terms of service, yes, attentive and efficient. Good explanation about the dishes/ platters available and food arrives at our table within ten minutes of ordering.

Steamed edamame beans ~ some places over season their beans but here, it is just right.

Sushi and sashimi platter ~ 

Yes, freshness guaranteed although I would like to see some improvements with the slicing of the fish..some pieces were a little..err...not the best looking ones I have seen :S

Soft shell crab roll ~ crab was fried in clean cooking oil and the roll was decently sized. The chef had done well with stuffing it with just the right amount of avocado, tomatoes and deep fried crab pieces.

Green tea ice cream ~ I have had a fair share of green tea ice cream in Melbourne and unfortunately, this is not something I would rave about although portion is generous here. Would like it to be a bit more creamy...

Izakaya Chuji on Urbanspoon

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