Thursday, March 26, 2015

Millstone, Malvern MELB

How about a glimpse of sweetness for today's blog post? As some of you may have noted, I am a sugarholic and I seek all things sweet be it in patisseries or viennoiseries. To me, there are certainly endless of options in Melbourne, almost as though the list goes on an infinite loop.

Not that I am whinging of course (well, maybe health conscious me might). But anyhooo, I have been wanting to tick Millstone patisserie off my list for the longest time and was finally able to last weekend. Yay for sweet treats!:)

This was a takeaway run so in no method possible would it sum the entire patisserie well. I will only be sampling the baked good in this blogpost;)

Custard tart ~ I have a weakness for pretty looking desserts and this was one of them. The raspberry added hints of acidity and freshness to the tart whilst the crumbly tart shell was a lovely contrast to the silky smooth custard layer.

And now, we move on to the yeast infused dough pieces aka the croissant and cruffin. Unfortunately, I only had this at 1.30pm on the same day which would mean that these pastries may have already lost a bit of their aroma. Both of them were still flaky and buttery to my liking. Thumbs up for the chocolate cream in the cruffin; not overly sweet nor bitter!

Pavlova and chocolate tart ~ First of all, the pavlova is a must have. I am not a big fan of pavlovas but I found this one incredibly well balanced in terms of sweetness and sourness. The pavlova was not overly sweet and what a lovely surprise it was to find a tart tart (haha geddit?) underneath it. Not entirely sure if it's creme patisserie or not but doesn't matter..twas delicious.

If you are a dark chocoholic, the chocolate tart is a must try. It tasted like it was made with 85% dark chocolate. Very moreish it was for such a tiny piece.

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