Monday, March 9, 2015

Kaneda Japanese Restaurant, CBD MELB

There is definitely no shortage of affordable Japanese food in Melbourne and to my delight, one can opt for a lavish meal or cost saving meal. Too often I would walk into a certain establishment and blow my food budget, purely from not doing any background research. Hence that's why restaurant websites play an important role in managing customers' (like me) expectations.

Although certain places do not display their menus online, it's not difficult to estimate the cost of a meal based on location. Obviously if a restaurant is in a swanky suburb or if the interior looks flash, brace yourself.

Now back to the food bit, this particular restaurant is rather cozy and judging by the number of people lining up to get in, it must mean something.

Takoyaki ~ with huge chunks of octopus in it. Always something to look forward to as an appetizer.

Salmon sashimi ~ fresh and evenly sliced.

Now if you want to skip the appetizers, you can jump to mains. There's a good selection of bento boxes and dons that will suit your budget. The bento boxes come with a serving of rice, salad, fried chicken/ pork/ tempura, a few pieces of sashimi and a small serve of pickled vegetables.

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