Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Black Toro, Glen Waverley MELB

Having been to Spain recently, I often find myself reminiscing about those carefree days. Cruising along curvy alleys with hidden gems and cheap drinks were part of our lifestyle during those two weeks.

The Black Toro exudes a vibe that reminds me of Spain - tapas, wine, great hospitality and a festive atmosphere. Waiting staff are extremely friendly and attentive which really boosted my overall experience here. Best to make reservations in advance as this place is pretty popular!

Sangria and Pedro Ximenez ~ I have fallen heads over heels for both drinks since my trip. I do prefer the cooling, fruit infused sangria on a warm summer day whilst the warm, toasty and sticky taste of the pedro ximenez would be more suited for cooler days.

As both of us were first timers, we went for the banquet option as it allowed us to sample a variety of dishes that may otherwise have been impossible to taste had we ordered individual platters.

Oysters with tequila and lime ~ The acidity from both the tequila and lime removed some of the salty, fishy taste of the oysters which was a plus point for me (not a huge fan of that taste). Oyster was still plump and juicy if you're wondering;)

Potato and chorizo croquettes with manchego cream ~ yummiest croquettes I have had thus far. Smooth texture, golden exterior crunch and a subtle salty taste that cuts through the creamy potato flavour well. I could easily finish off a bowl of this moreish item!

Pickled beetroot, sweet potato crisps, shaved manchego and mixed leaf salad ~ the perfect dish that refreshed our palates and prepared us for the next few dishes.

Wagyu beef sliders with caramelized onions, melted cheese, pickled jalapeno and ketchup ~ again, something that I can shamelessly polish off myself. The beef patty was extremely juicy and well-seasoned. Plus points for the fluffy buns too!

Spicy pulled pork tacos with shredded cabbage, onion and sour cream ~ the subtle heat from the pulled pork married well with the creamy sour cream taste and the addition of some lime zest gave this dish a different dimension.

Barbequed chilli chicken with cumin caramel, toasted sesame and mexican pilaf ~ kudos for the amazing caramelized chicken fillets. Albeit slightly messy to wrap (and munch on) the rice, chicken pieces and pickles in the taco wrap, we had no problems polishing everything off the plate;)

Dessert tasting plate ~ my overall experience at any restaurant boils down to the final dish I have in front of me aka dessert. Black Toro's amazing dessert plate blew me away with the brilliant array of miniature desserts that had been so thoughtfully arranged on the wooden plate.

We have here a caramel flan with aerated bread, caramelized banana and dulce de leche ice cream. I love a flan that has a good amount of caramel on it.

Behind the caramel flan is the chocolate brownie that comes with a good dose of popcorn and vanilla ice cream. Rich, dark and packed with chocolate-y goodness, this brownie ticked all the right boxes.

Deconstructed peanut butter cheesecake, chocolate ice cream and honeycomb ~ chocolate ice cream and honeycomb were delicious but really, who am I kidding here. I just wanted to have the peanut butter cheesecake all to myself. Slightly salty, rich and sweet this had to be the best dish of the night. The mere sight of it is enough to make me drool.

Coconut pannacotta with berries, passionfruit curd and mint ~ quietly sitting on the corner of the tasting plate is this little fella. Whilst the flavours here are not as rich as it's other sweet friends, this was an excellent complement to freshen us up. The tart, fruity flavours were definitely different from everything else across the board.

My verdict? Loved this place and will be back for that heaven sent peanut butter cheesecake:9

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