Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Shandong Mama, CBD MELB

Just about every corner of the CBD has a little shop that serves up delicious, bite sized dumplings that is easily affordable by the majority of us. Albeit the surge of fancier shaped/filled dumplings in the market, the traditional, well-marinated and juice versions still wins me over, especially on days where I feel under the weather.

Shandong Mama is tucked in an arcade conveniently located on little Bourke street. Whilst I have seen queues appear on Saturdays, the same may not apply if you rock up for lunch or after the usual peak periods. Service is rather efficient but do note that the restaurant is slightly crammed, as with most Asian restaurants.

Chicken and shepherd's purse fried dumplings ~ despite being pan fried, the meat filling was very juicy and flavourful. Well marinated with a good serve of ginger and black fungus. Best enjoyed dipped in a tiny bit of chilli.

Noodles with braised beef brisket ~ beef meat tears apart very easily and the broth was extremely delicious. I usually feel extremely thirsty whenever I consume food that has MSG in it and boy, was I glad it did not happen this time. Definitely a big bowl of hearty goodness that will warm up any hungry soul well.

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