Saturday, September 12, 2015

Tsukiji, Prahran MELB

I love the concept of a family oriented business as this usually indicate that each and every staff are fully dedicated in bringing their best towards prospering the business. This is not a common feat these days as most family members would have their own aims/objectives which may not even cross paths with anyone else in the family.

At my recent dinner visit here, I was served by the owners (a Japanese couple in their 50-60s?). As these two operate the entire shop by themselves, I strongly suggest having some patience as it can get crowded and the owners can only do so much with their pair of hands. If you are hyperactive like me, why not browse around the shop?

There are a variety of edible Japanese products on the shelves and I am sure at least one item will grab your attention;) To order sashimi, head to the fridge section and pick out which marine protein you want, bring it to the counter and either 1)dine in or 2)take it away.

If you opt to dine in, the owner/chef will prep your meal on a plate and bring it to your table. Also, there is a menu with other common dishes such as takoyaki, okonomiyaki and miso soup. A very simple menu and not too difficult to digest.

As it also functions as a grocery shop, we picked a plum wine/ umeshu which was a little strong for me but still had a subtle sweet fruity flavour. Worth a try to complete the experience.

Sashimi platter from selecting seafood at the counter ~ fresh but would have been happier if there were more choices in the fridge. Sadly, we arrived around dinner time so most of the good stuff must have already been sold:(

Scallop carpaccio in yuzu sauce ~ the acidity from the yuzu concoction "cooked" the sliced scallops and reminds me of a fusion dish. Pretty yummy for something so simple.

Takoyaki ~

Okonomiyaki ~

Oysters with soy sauce dressing ~ I would suggest using less than a quarter of a teaspoon of soy sauce or it may overpower the sweetness of the fresh oysters.

Udon noodles ~ this is a very simple dish that one can easily prepare at home using the available dashi stock and udon noodles. I have not made tempura prawns before so can't really say it's an easy feat at home. Do let me know if you attempted to make it!

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