Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Mobile uploads: Food ventures in May

Last day of May and what better way to be thankful for the month that had just passed than a blog post dedicated to all the exciting things that happened this month! Lots of random snapshots and wandering thoughts included.

Being healthy is the new fad and I forecast a lot of food companies jumping on the bandwagon. Didn't mind Red Rock Deli's sweet potato chips - less salt included.

Was a bit skeptical about this one but loved how they managed to pull off this treat ala Italian style.

So...I did purchase a couple of chips from Red Rock Deli's special reserve range. Not too keen on the saffron flavoured one but the wagyu beef and wasabi cream was spot on. Brought back memories of when I was having a wagyu fest with the sister:)

On that day, I have learnt two things - footy and how to take panoramic shots haha!

Kyoto's cinnamon biscuits. I have about 30% of Japanese snacks left from my trip and gosh, how I wished I had bought more:(

If you want a taste of Japanese kit kats, there is an Asian grocer that stocks a few different types of this snack. Only thing is I paid $8 for that box and so, be prepared to fork out more than double if you are really keen.

Le petit gateau - a cake shop that I can't frequent as much because it only operates on weekdays:( Had to make a special trip to the city before I head to work just to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Chokolait's mudcake - there are days where I crave for rich chocolate desserts. Sadly, at the expense of getting pimples or breakouts:/ Oh wells, a little spot every now and then won't hurt anyone:)

I have been dedicating my weekends to catching up on a few educational magazines. With a good cup of coffee on hand.

Finally got around to getting this YSL lip tint. Not the cheapest one but it does make your lips feel great with each use - jojoba oil, almond kernel oil and a couple others that I can't remember. Mine is mon cherie because I wanted a brighter pop of colour on my otherwise pale lips.

Coffee in Burwood shopping centre - free cinnamon coated doughnut with each cup of coffee. Win.

After a few months of religiously eating a blended smoothie consisting of pears, avocados, spinach and cucumber slices, I can see an improvement in my complexion. Am also using the Clarisonic face brush and staying away from heat-y types of food that can make my skin flare up such as chocolate, excessive sugar and spicy food.

Dined with a friend in Clayton on a rainy and cold day - If only there was a Korean fried chicken shop nearby:/

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