Tuesday, September 6, 2016

China Chilli, CBD MELB

A few days before spring commenced, I took the opportunity to satisfy my palate with fiery meals, ala Asian style of course. Am not a fan of having Chinese cuisines in the city because I know of a few places that tend to saturate their exorbitantly priced food with mediocre fare.

Skeptical as always but game enough to take risks, I visited this restaurant located along Chinatown. No reservations made and so, ended up waiting for about 15 minutes with other hungry diners. Service is good but in terms of ambiance, definitely not dating material.

Chicken in chilli oil - my failing memory had disappointed me once again as I try to recall the name of this dish. Subtle szechuan chilli perfume around each sliver of chicken. Drenched in a lot of oil - not for the healthy junkies out there but worth a try on cheat days.

Claypot eggplant - I am secretly a fan of eggplants and find their squishy texture appealing. Not too salty to my liking and well marinated.

Fish fillets in chilli oil - the masterpiece I believe. Took me a while to remove the dried chillies that surrounding every darn piece of fish I try to scoop out but hey, was not a bad feast. Lots of fish fillets in it and diners may opt to have fresh fish as opposed to frozen fish fillets - at a higher price of course. Warm, aromatic and enjoyable with a bowl of steamed rice.

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