Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hong Kong: Mido Cafe, Yau Ma Tei

As Hong Kong's tropic weather continued to drown us on our final day here, I was a little upset at the thought of leaving this country. After all, it was one of the first few countries that I have embarked without parental supervision or funds and a place where I feel at home - perhaps due to my Cantonese background getting excited from hearing its mother tongue spoken on a daily basis.

Mido was conveniently located a street away from our hotel which made it an excellent spot to grab breakfast before we depart to the airport. We were greeted by an elderly man clad in a white singlet , heavily engrossed in his newspaper. A swift turn to look at us curious looking tourists followed by a instructions to head upstairs for service.

Both the sister and I cannot read Chinese letters and were glad there's an English option available. We each ordered a cup of piping hot milk tea followed by a warm, toasted polo bun stuffed with a slab of butter, a bowl of egg and lotus seed soup and pork chop with macaroni in broth.

Wouldn't go as far to claim that its excellent cha chaan teng but it was strangely satisfying. Don't think I will be ordering the lotus seed soup again in the future but possibly will be back for that polo bun. I still have problems denying bread products access to my tummy. Darn.

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