Monday, September 12, 2016

Tsujiri, CBD MELB

It's been 5 months since my excursion to Japan had ended and to be honest, I do miss that country terribly. I am doing my best to post content relating to my trip under the travel diary category so please do be patient with this busy bee:)

One thing I do miss about Japan would be their matcha or green tea products, ranging from drinks to soft serves to green tea parfaits (read more about it here). The quality is heaps better and made all the more glorified by the amount of attention paid during the preparation and packaging stages. Such is dedication.

Tsujiri recently opened its doors in the heart of Melbourne, much to the delight of tea lovers like yours truly. The menu is pretty concise and offers tea drinkers a few other choices such as hojicha (roasted brown tea) or genmaicha (brown rice tea) if you're not a fan of matcha.

Ice blended matcha - matcha flavour was a little lost amidst the blended ice. Quite refreshing although would have liked a little more oomph.

Houjicha latte - I liked how the subtle, roasted flavour of this brown tea is still visible after the addiction of milk to it.

Tsujiri soft serve with sweetened red bean, chocolate krispies, glutinous rice ball and gingko. A little pricey for a small serve of green tea soft serve. Ticked all the right boxes in terms of flavour although not sure if there is any sakura taste in it.

Shiratama kinato - glutinous rice balls with bracken syrup. Not everyone's cup of tea but it was one of my favourite traditional snacks to binge on whilst in Japan. The bracken syrup reminds me of treacle or molasses and something that I can easily finish with ice cream. Do give this a try!

Tsujiri Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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