Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Claypots Evening Star, South Melbourne MELB

My usual Sunday routine includes a visit to Agathe in South Melbourne market for some fresh croissants followed by a cup of coffee from Padre and strolling around the market to pick up some groceries. I have walked past the restaurant corner of the market numerous times before and alas have decided to walk into one of these restaurants for lunch.

Extremely crowded and can be difficult to find seats - we walked into this busy restaurant and propped ourselves at a vacant area at the bar, right in front of the kitchen staff. Staff were quick on their feet, from balancing table orders to juggling large jugs of frothy beer to cracking salt and pepper to a sizzling pan of seafood concoctions.

I cannot help but recall on my trip to Portugal as I glance around the bar with its ship motif tiles and inhale in tomato, garlic and olive oil fragrances. At midday, we were delighted by the performance of a singer, dressed in casual attire, bolting out tunes in a jovial tone.

To sum up, one would pick a choice of seafood be it fish, crustaceans or octopus and this would be prepared to order. Seafood is definitely fresh but be careful with ordering as it may be expensive when added up together. The squid dish costs us a whooping $30 and a medium sized cooked prawn came up to $10 per piece. Pricey in my opinion and I do suggested planning on what to order before heading to the cashier.

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