Thursday, August 31, 2017

Bread Kingdom, CBD MELB

My previous workplaces have denied me the luxury of being surrounded by food temptations and having recently relocated to a more central spot, the current options are endless. Some days I will get my sweet fix and other days, perhaps a pick me up coffee from down the road.

Not a big fan of waiting for the trains to arrive but when most shops/cafes close a bit later, I can easily pop by for a takeaway and off I go in the nick of time to the train station.

I am obsessed with Bread Kingdom's baked goods and having tried a few other Asian bakeries within a few weeks period (yes, I am on a mission >:), I personally feel that their products are worth the extra calories.

Custard bun - packed with a lovely vanilla scented custard. I do like my Asian type of buns but am not a fan of buns that are too airy/ porous because it makes me feel cheated in a way. Bread Kingdom's buns were fluffy and moderately compact to my liking :)

Potato cake - not much flavour here but still a pretty good piece of sponge cake layered with freshly whipped, smooth cream.

Green tea cake - green tea flavour is missing but again, kudos to a well made piece of cake.

Coffee swiss roll - I have been on a roll lately (hahaha geddit?) and foun

Fresh cream cake - for those wanting a lighter finish to a meal or who are not big on bold flavours, this is the ideal piece to grab.

Mocha cake - deliciously infused with caffeine and one that I am a big fan of :)

Bread Kingdom Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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