Thursday, August 24, 2017

Mugen Ramen & Bar, CBD MELB

WL brought up this restaurant a few months back and being packed full of customers that night, we didn't manage to get in unless we waited for a decent amount of time (and we all know how hangry I can get at times). I am no quitter and seized the opportunity when WL trusted me to make a wise decision on what to have for dinner.

This time round, WL rang and booked a few hours in advance and despite arriving slightly earlier, we were seated after waiting a few minutes for a table to become available.

Chips with green laver and salt - double fried me thinks.

Wagyu tataki - seared wagyu served with yuzu mashed potatoes, spring onions and ponzu sauce. A creative dish pairing acidity and sweetness against a thin layer of wagyu.

Chicken Nanban - deep fried chicken thigh coated in sweet and sour sauce, served with tartare sauce. WL was very proud that he ordered this, seeing as we both liked it. A little greasy towards the bottom of the plate but still deliciously worth all the calories.

Miso ramen - served with chashu, bean shoots, pork mince, seaweed and half an onsen egg. Rich, flavourful broth drenching strands of handmade ramen which had a slight al dente finish to it.

Wafu tsukemen - dashi and soy broth served along a plate of thick handmade noodles. For those unfamiliar, noodles are meant to be dipped into the thick broth and slurped the broth bowl. Having had a pretty good version in Tokyo, I daresay this one faired pretty well in comparison, if you don't mind the noodles being served slightly warmed. After finishing the noodles, we were given a little jug of dashi stock to dilute the thick broth into a light soup. WL was overzealous with emptying the little jug, probably thinking it's akin a cup of tea hehe. Nevertheless, a very flavourful bowl of broth it was.

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