Sunday, August 27, 2017

Maxims Cakes and Pastry, CBD MELB

Quest for a favourite Asian bakery continues with a revisit to Maxims Cakes and Pastry, an establishment that has been around for some time and a highly popular one too due to its strategic location in the heart of Chinatown.

Stocking both freshly baked buns and cakes, the true gem of Maxims are its egg tarts and wife biscuits. Having had those two before from previous visits, I can vouch for them and have seen both these items being sold out on a few occasions.

Custard bun - the filling was vibrant in colour and flavour but sadly, this was let down by the bun's dry texture and lack of presentation. Not sure what's the deal with the little spike on it.

Mango swiss roll cake - I love this cake a lot and wanted to purchase the entire roll but sadly, they don't sell it by the roll :( Balanced in terms of sweetness and thickness of the whipped cream, the mango may have been canned produce but heck, no qualms whatsoever.

Chestnut cake - again, the cake texture here is pretty good although the chestnut filling could have fared better.

Rainbow swiss roll cake - a pretty kitchen invention incorporating various flavours such as pandan, taro, chocolate and coffee. A little too much cream but still something I would order again. A little pricey at $13 but worthwhile if sharing amongst family and friends. Costs about $3 for a measly slice anyways.

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