Saturday, February 3, 2018

Grain Asian Cafe, Box Hill MELB

Very rarely do I make my way to Box Hill, being that location wise is, it isn't the nearest spot to get to and parking may prove to be a challenge for most especially during peak hours.

Weary and deflated post a week of long work shifts, I manage to pull myself out of bed at 8am on Saturday and drove the sister to Box Hill, in search of festive goodies. Rewarded I was for this early attempt and after collecting our groceries, we had time for late breakfast.

Unexpectedly, the waitresses here are very friendly and had smiles plastered all over their faces throughout their shifts. A feat that I find rare in Asian outlets but nonetheless, a pleasing change of atmosphere.

Akin having breakfast in a Hong Kong cha chaan teng, set meals are available in addition to the usual lunch fares.

For $8.50, I had the steamed rice pancake with barbequed pork and a bowl of pork and century egg porridge.  The pancake's texture was rather thick but would certainly keep my tummy quiet for a few hours. Porridge was smooth and had a mild savoury flavour dispersed through it. Brownie points for the addition of bite sized pieces of century egg and pork.

I have ordered myself a glass of hot soy bean separately, a perfect way to end the meal with.

The peckish sister ordered a plate of roast duck on rice and had to takeaway half of it. Yes, definitely value for money.

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