Sunday, February 11, 2018

Japan: Red Rock Harajuku TOKYO

My first trip to Japan saw me heading to Harajuku once but this time, I managed to get about three visits here, equalling to three opportunities to sample something new.

Yes, Tokyo is a very busy city and chances of dining in a popular restaurant at peak meal hours is almost impossible. To avoid disappointment, I would suggest queuing up about 10 to 15 minutes before the restaurant opens.

The line for this restaurant was bearable when we arrive which meant we get an early lunch to keep us fuelled for the rest of the day's itinerary. Ordering is done at the ticket vending machine and tickets are handed to staff members prior to being seated.

American cut steak don - not sure what glaze was used here but it bumped up this dish's aesthetic by a 1000 times. In essence, it is a very simple dish but done right aka good quality cut of beef and fragrant sauce used.

American slice beef don - the restaurant's most popular item and I can understand why. Lightly seared prior to being sliced, the meat already has a fragrant aroma wafting through it and the addition of an egg yolk and a squeeze of mayonnaise toned down the intensity slightly, making it a creamy affair. Slices of beef was neatly layered over a small mountain of steamed rice. This would change any vegetarian's perspective of meat and a must try in Harajuku.

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