Thursday, February 1, 2018

Pufflets, CBD MELB

January had zipped by in the blink of an eye; one moment I was people watching in Tokyo and the next moment, I am back at work, providing solutions to people's queries.

An invitation to sample Pufflet's menu gave the breather I needed to stop and reflect on my aims and goals. All whilst indulging in egg waffles and ice cream.

Tucked away a few streets away from Bourke Street Mall and Melbourne Central, Pufflets offers a unique range of Asian inspired desserts that one may find it difficult to source even in Asia. Having been to Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore myself, I cannot recall walking by a dessert shop that has the same menu.

Pufflets have put forth a cereal infused ice cream concept whereby customers can choose up to 5 different types of cereal which will be blended with ice cream. Voila, you have your own personalized ice cream flavour, be it sugary sweet or with just a light touch of sweetness.

The sister opted for the build your own combo: pick a puffle followed by an ice cream flavour, toppings and a drizzle. And so, we had the... (drum rolls)..

Matcha puffle paired with matcha ice cream, topped with cheesecake cubes, a piece of toasted marshmallow and matcha soil, all covered with a blanket of whipped cream. Ice cream had a good dose of matcha, perfect for someone who doesn't crave sweetness in their desserts.

50 shades of durian - I was tossing between this and the pandan combo but was convinced by their staff, Ying, that durian is a must for durian lovers as the ice cream is home made using real durian pulp.

And she was right. I loved every bite of it from the durian infused puffle to the rich ice cream flavour to the durian puree. Durian is not everyone's cup of tea but for fans out there, this is your new holy grail.

Cereal infused ice cream - we had s'mores, kelloggs K, oreo cookies, reese peanut butter and another cereal that has unfortunately slipped my mind, blended together to make this delicious little number. A fun dessert to play with thanks to the endless combos one can conjure.

Freshly made puffles. For those unfamiliar, these are egg waffles, a popular street snack in Hong Kong that has an unbelievably enticing aroma and a good equilibrium of crunch and fluffy factor.

Many thanks to Rhenda for this unique experience to which, I will be back for seconds. I am already eyeing that pandan combo;)

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