Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Dukes Coffee Roasters, CBD MELB

Last few days in the CBD region and one of the few tasks on my bucket list would be to visit popular coffee hubs. After all, I would get my caffeine fix which lead to better work outcomes? How can this not be a win-win situation.

I did note that a cup of coffee in the CBD costs at least 50 cents more compared to coffee spots in the suburbs. A small price to pay for convenience and also to help out with the CBD's crazy rental fees I suppose.

Good coffee, to me, is all about that faint roasted coffee bean aroma inviting you into the establishment, slowly getting prominent as you near the destination. Whilst having latte art is a bonus, the real deal is all about having a good balance of creaminess, sweetness and bitterness. I usually tend towards skinny milk or even soy milk but with coffee, I do not beat around the bush.

Almost impossible to walk out without a brown paper bag containing a glistening piece of pastry, but I managed somehow. My verdict on the coffee? Definitely one of the better ones around the CBD and worth that extra few minutes waiting in line. Perfectly roasted, rich and satisfying.

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