Thursday, June 14, 2018

Humble Rays, Carlton MELB

Dragged (or shall I say successfully convinced) a few peeps out for a meal which means that not only will I get to snap more yummy pictures but also means that I can sample more items on the menu. Only downside is a larger crowd equals a slightly longer waiting time for a table.

Ginger turmeric latte - never had this before and found it interesting in a strangely calming therapeutic way. Not everyone's cup of tea although dousing it with some honey seemed to sweetened it up a little.

Latte - what's brunch without a cup of coffee.

Mango and passionfruit sodapop and sunny side up cold pressed juice - both equally refreshing, the latter being the healthier option. Sodapop is akin ordering bubble tea at the shops but with popping pearls instead of the chewy ones.

Panna cotta granola - hojicha tea panna cotta with granola, fruit and poached pear. Cereal turned fancy with the addition of a subtle tasting panna cotta and garnished with a pretty palette of colours.

Egg benny - ginger braised pork belly, miso and potato korokke, dukkah, poached eggs, yuzu hollandaise and chilli bacon jam. Two generous slabs of pork belly on the plate which is more than enough for an individual serve.

Steak sangria - basically steak burger but again, done well with the addition of a sunny side egg, cheese and a delicious, savoury thickened meat sauce. Not sure what's in that meat sauce but goodness me, I would love to have the recipe for it!

Crab meat scramble - I am on the hunt to find Melbourne's best egg dish and this would rank comfortably on the top 5 of my list. Crab meat was certainly evident and I love how the thin slices of chilli, fried shallots and bit of herbs lent it some freshness and vibrancy. Sriracha mayo was an added, albeit unnecessary, bonus and croissant was doing a good job at lapping up all the scrambled goodness from the eggs.

Matcha latte - could do with a little more matcha oomph as this was verging on the milkier side of the scale.

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