Friday, June 1, 2012

Chinese New Year melting moments

I can't remember what's this cookie called but it is similar to the traditional melting moments' recipe so let's call it that for now, alright?;) Wasn't overly impressed with this recipe because the final results weren't as pretty as I had wanted it to be:( But overall, it did taste good despite getting a bit oily-er as the days pass by-.-

It seriously looks so promising before I bake it! Nice edges, smooth and crumbly texture. I've added a bit of blueberry jam on top just to add more glamour to it.

Well..sadly, the edges had to "frill" out and it didn't look as round and golden as I would have liked it to be. Hence, no recipes can be provided until I find THE recipe.

p.s: I threw away this recipe, in case anyone's curious about it.

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