Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Steven Ter Horst Chocolatier

After a very chocolate-y and sweet escape to Melbourne last year (as seen here and here), I had cultivated a dislike for chocolate items. Not that I hate it or anything of that sort, but the thought of having a tiny slice of chocolate cake wasn't as appealing as it used to be. And that appetite lasted for at least 8 months?

Strangely enough, I am regaining my love for all things chocolate and what better way to start the indulgence than to try all the chocolate cafes in Adelaide? Aside from Bracegirdles (to-die-for-belgium waffles), I rarely go anywhere else but thankfully, I was in an adventurous mood to head to Unley and I certainly did not regret that decision!

I first came across Steven Ter Horst's chocolates at the Farmer's Market (held every Sunday). The chocolates were dark, rich and flavourful but sadly, I never did get to try their cakes or other creations. This time round, I had to have my cake (and eat it too!).

The entire outlet isn't very big (probably can sit about 10 people?) but there is a huge display of chocolates, of which, visitors would have easily noticed once they walk in. As for yours truly, I bee-lined straight to the cake section:)

Chocolate drink~ Chocolate-y goodness that is not overly sweet. I know it's good because the boy polished it off and only offered me a few sips-.-

Chocolate Truffle tart~ I loooove this and reckon it's as good (and also perhaps better!) than some of the more established chocolate franchises in Melbourne. Despite having a really rich, somewhat chocolate-y stickiness to it, nothing got stuck to the back of my throat and I love the crunchy bottom layer (hazelnut maybe??).

Lady Marmalade~ a new addition to their sweet line. Not only is it pretty to look at but it tastes really really good:)

The mousse layer is well made and the cake (at least that's what I think it is) layer is moist and deliciouss...

Some marmalade jellies for that unique burst of fruity flavours;)

Chocolate caramel tart, $6.50~ looks can be deceiving. I had my doubts initially as it didn't scream out as much as the rest did. Price wise, it costs about $2 less than the other mini cakes.

One bite and that's all it takes to sway me over. Rich chocolate-y goodness atop a thin layer of caramel encrusted in a butter-y, soft pastry. Simplicity at its best if I must add.

I'm definitely heading back there to discover what other surprises do these little delicacies have for me;) Perhaps this weekend, hot chocolate and a slice of heaven on a cold winter day? Have I tempted you enough?:D

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