Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hainanese chicken rice

Another day, another missed eating opportunity in Malaysia but luckily, there's heaps of recipes freely available, allowing one to re-create that much craved, uniquely Malaysian dish. I had accidentally bought more chicken pieces than I needed (probably a whole month's supply of chicken!) so I have decided to make some chicken rice.

Been trying to find the perfect recipe for preparing the chicken but so far, not much luck with finding it. Nevertheless, the accompanying rice and chilli sauce turned out fine:)

Was prepping my chicken legs for next day's dinner!

Hainanese chicken rice recipe was adapted from Rasa Malaysia

4 cloves garlic
4 finely chopped shallots
Chicken broth
About 4x4cm piece of ginger
Chicken fats

* The amount of each ingredient that I have used was approximate (no weighing scales needed) and was adjusted as I was cooking. If you like more shallots in your rice, fry more shallots:)

The chicken, exfoliated (ie scrubbed with salt) and stuffed with ginger, spring onions and pandan leaves (If I had some on hand).

Chicken broth~ still needs improvements!

Randomly cutting up the ingredients

Chilli sauce which was prepped a day in advance (just to make my life simplified when I'm cooking the next day).

One must fry the chicken fats until it has released sufficient oil to evenly coat all the rice grains.

Chicken simmering in its own broth~

Chicken fats almost completely fried!

Fry ginger, shallots and garlic until fragrant before adding rice and frying it a bit. Add enough chicken stock to boil the rice until its cooked

Chilli sauce:
90g red chilies and bird’s eye chili (depending on how spicy you want it to be)
15g garlic
50g ginger
Lime juice
A few spoons of chicken broth to bring everything together

Again, the amount of each ingredients can be varied depending on your tastebuds. As for the sugar, salt and lime juice, just add sufficient amounts (enough to taste).


Ok..my chicken was probably in a sad state that day..I literally butchered it (hence the shredded mess at the side) but all in, not many bones attached as I had carefully taken all of them out just for ease of eating:)

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