Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dumpling King

Throughout my student years in Adelaide, I must have been to this outlet countless number of times. I can still recall sitting near the window during my first visit here whilst sipping my bubble tea drink and observing passer-bys strolling around. In a blink of an eye, those years have evolved and during my recent visit here, I am still warming up my little corner in the shop:)

Having read numerous reviews on urbanspoon regarding their service, yes, I do admit that service here needs much improvements. I was quite rudely served by the waitresses, of whom, were intentionally not serving me (taking into account that I am waiting for them to clear the table for me to sit and that the shop was not busy at all) and I had to wait EXTRA long for them to take my order. This is the Grote Street shop that I am referring to, not too certain about the one in King William Street.

The only reason why I stayed was because I really do like their food (moderate quality at affordable prices) and that it was a convenient location. In the future, I might just head to the one in King William Street and if service there is equally depressing, I do hope that one day, a customer would voice it out to them as I doubt that my advise would be seriously considered-.-

A portion of the menu~ look at those prices:D

My favourite chilli-oil/sauce for dipping my dumplings in. Just delicious but be sure to remove most of the oil (the least one could do to reduce any guilty feelings).

Shanghai fried pork and vegetables noodles~ A delicious favourite. Well seasoned and generous portions. What more could you ask for at just $8.80.

Fried chicken and prawn dumplings~ this one is about $10.80 (if I remembered correctly) but it is really really good. The dumpling skin is thick but it somehow goes down well with the filling and dipping oil/sauce:)

Dumpling King on Urbanspoon

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