Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nghi Ngan Quan

Probably one of the first Vietnamese places I have visited since arriving in Adelaide but as it was located too far away, it wasn't worth the travelling inconvenience.But now that transportation isn't a major concern anymore, I am super happy that I got to dine here once again because the broken rice is one of the tastiest ones in Adelaide!

Quail~ apologies for the poor picture quality as the atmosphere was poorly lighted and I felt awkward snapping pictures in a very busy restaurant=/

Combination broken rice~ super tasty! For some reason, the flavours were more enhanced here (perhaps a longer marinating time?), meat pieces were succulent and everything on the plate was somewhat fresh. If I revisit this place again, I am making a beeline for this;)

Vietnamese pancake with chicken pieces and prawns~ a really unique dining experience. Aside from pho, broken rice and cold rolls, I am quite foreign with Vietnamese cuisine! A friend of mine recommended this, of which, I had thought it was an entree! Suprisingly enough, it was a massive pancake stuffed with cooked beansprouts, wrapped in a crispy pancake embed with chicken and prawns.

To eat this, simply cut a small section of your pancake, roll it in the lettuce leaf, add a few sprigs of coriander and mint, and alas, dip it into the sweet chilli dipping sauce. It is a really healthy option but very filling.

Did not manage to sample every dish on the menu but would definitely revisit again!:)

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The Office Eater said...

Food looks great. Where is this place?

Anonymous said...

Got to love a good Vietnamese pancake. Fil