Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I seem to be on a chocolate frenzy this season and what better way to celebrate it than to visit yet another delicious chocolate outlet. With a few awards from the Royal Adelaide Show in the bag and a diverse range of chocolate delights, it's no wonder people like me keep coming back for more;)

Nic and Rocco's macarons~ if you happen to have watched MyKitchenRules this year, you would be familiar with this dynamic duo from Adelaide. Although they did not win in the finale, they did put up some smashing good dishes and on top of that, are currently supplying Bracegirdle's with their macarons! It is about $3.50 per piece (a little bit more expensive than other macarons) but you are assured that it's loaded with a good punch of flavours with every bite:)

Iced chocolate~ chocolate-y, creamy and not overly sweet. An ideal drink to have whilst gossiping in the afternoon;)

Belgium waffles!! One of my absolute favourites and must have! Fluffy waffles, silky-smooth chocolate sauce, fresh strawberries and creamy ice-cream. The perfect combination:))

Almond croissant~ I thought this was a little denser compared to other croissants. However, I did find it much juicier (if that's even a proper way to describe it) and sweeter. Whenever my teeth sink into it, there's this strange yet wonderful burst of sugar and butter syrup flowing from the croissant pieceO.o Seems sinful but it felt right at that moment lol..

Although I did not have any chocolates whilst I was there, I did sample them some time ago and they were delicious..would make a wonderful gift for your partner/ friend/ colleague etc etc..comes in a huge variety of flavours and designs. I'm sure you would be spoilt for choices;)

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