Friday, July 13, 2012

Phone diaries

Yet another entry into my blog, from the eyes of my phone:) Loads of randomness but fun/ funny moments and maybe some did-you-know facts hehe

Soy sauce chicken from Hong Fatt in Chinatown. Cheap eats and perhaps a future review on this place?;)

My philosophy had always been to buy fruits that are in season (and at cheap prices). I somehow managed to overstock my pantry with them. Bananas were going for $0.85/kg at woolies but I cannot say no to pink lady apples, packham pears and mandarins this season:)

How to gain some bad fat in winter~ eat a few sugar bombs every day whilst studying. I am now attempting to stop eating sugar-y food like a smoker attempting to quit smoking-.-

My new uniform, made especially for me by my employer:D I got the opportunity to try on different sizes and choose the fit I liked best! How awesome is that??!!

My other uniforms that I have to iron. Buying well fitted clothes is a must but one must know how to take care of them otherwise it defeats the purpose:X

When I was younger, I never did understood why adults consume cups after cups of coffee but now I understand. Although I'm not having coffee when I took this picture (its Chatime's premium milk tea..a little caffeinated maybe?), coffee is now part of my daily routine at work just to keep me boosted.

That molten chocolate cake looks like it got shot and it's now bleeding profusely-.- did taste awesome so no complaints hehe

Deconstructed lemon meringue pie~ I need a bigger serve of this to keep me happy:/

Donuts filled with chocolate~ again, I need more D:

Jellybeans aka fuel whilst working. Super duper guilty every time I sink my teeth into them but they are too tempting to resist:(

My new found obsession~ dunking my fruit in milk. Seems to slow down the oxidation process (which usually happens when the fruit is exposed after being cut). Also lends some sweetness to the drink so all's good hehe

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