Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Milano Cucina

There's something about Hutt Street that gets me excited with each visit. I usually pop by in the afternoon for some sweets from Au Matin (as seen here) or Mac Factory and the last time I was here for dinner was last year at Chianti (as seen here). Alas, I am here for dinner once again but this time to an Italian restaurant;)

We were fortunate enough to secure a seat as this place can get busy, especially with birthday/ gathering events.

The old school menu-on-the-board~

Sweet dessert wine~

Prawn pizza~ apologies for forgetting the name of this dish (as usual). Was delicious overall but I could do with a tad more topping;)

Risotto al Funghi~ this risotto consisted of 3 different types of mushrooms and it is well cooked (in my opinion, that is). Not overly dry and still retaining the fresh flavours of each ingredient used:)

Extra cheese to suit your palate~

Chocolate pudding~ I am still in my moist cake phase and had to have this little piece. Moist cake drizzled in a lovely chocolate ganache topped with chocolate shavings and a caramel piece.

Overall, delicious food but at a slightly more expensive rate than your usual Italian outlet. Food did take some time to arrive but I reckon it's worth the wait, if you're not in a hurry, that is:)

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