Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekend pickup

Monday monday monday...what's there to not like about a brand new week ahead except that if you are like me (whom always have a fantabulous time on the weekends), I reckon I would need a weekend from the weekend haha.

Regardless, here are a few pictures from yet another macaron hunt but this time, its from Devour. Delicious treats to get me all pumped for the upcoming weekdaysxD

I like how this colour combination reminds me of a UK flag..I'm a little obsessed with a certain clothes brand from UK at the moment hehe..If you are wondering about the macaron flavours, the blue one is peanut butter and jelly but unfortunately, I can't remember what the other flavours are:(

Purple would be grape and green would be green apple! That's easy enough hey;)

Its kinda awesome how big the peanut butter and jelly macaron is compared to the others..more to bite on, I suppose;D

A few pictures from my trip around the valley..nothing much to rave about but it is a good sight-seeing experience:)

The dream~ it's all real and happening! Green pastures, clear blue skies but no grapes in season as its autumn/ winter. Soon-ish, I reckon hehe

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