Thursday, July 5, 2012

A weekend with me

If I were to showcase Adelaide to a tourist for the weekend, I would opt for a relaxing getaway (nothing too exhilarating or adventurous). So, where shall we start? How about a cuppa or two to break the ice? Let's wander into cafe side of the CBD? With an unlimited range of cafes to pop by for brunch/ afternoon tea, Rundle St is a must go for me.

Cocolat is where we shall begin our day. Pick anything you want; from mouth-watering cakes/ brownies/ cupcakes to award winning gelatos to a steaming cup of hot chocolate/ coffee/ tea or a few pieces of handmade truffles? There's something for every soul here;)

Here's my flat white coffee, just what I need to kickstart my day:)

Chocolate blueberry muffin~ chocolate indeed!

And so, we would (ideally) be chatting the afternoon away and perhaps, pop ourselves into a few vintage boutiques located on Rundle St and if that's not enough, we can always head over to Rundle Mall for some casual window shopping:)

Let's talk about dinner now! Famished from walking about the whole day? Craving for something warm and affordable for dinner? Pull yourself together and we shall go to Chinatown. Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Malaysian, Australian, Italian and Korean, Chinatown is my best pick spot for dinner. I can never decide where to go because I want to have a bit of everything!

But for this weekend, I know where I want to go and it would be Hong Kee Chinese Restaurant ! Cozy atmosphere, excellent service, tasty dishes, affordable and no reservations required. What more could you ask for?;)

Braised pork belly in preserved vegetables~ moist, succulent and tender pieces of meat drenched in slightly salty sauce. My friend once told me that having the sauce with rice satisfies him immensely. Quite true if I must add, but having some meat is the dream, right?;)

Honey pork spare ribs~ a little sweet and savoury concoction and definitely finger licking good!:)

Let's not forget about having some fibre in our diet!!:)

Alas, delicious fried ice cream to end the night? Or not?

Alternatively, we could head to Steven Ter Horst Chocolatier for that extra bit of sugar to end the night. Chocolate galore ahoy!:) Friendly and efficient service!!

On the following day, how about some dim sum for brunch? Eastern Garden Chinese Restaurant at Tooraks Garden serves some delicious treats but we MUST get there before 11.30am to secure seats!Trolley after trolley of piping hot bamboo steamers dance around you but be quick to snap up your favourite otherwise you would have to wait for at least 15 minutes for it to reappear from the kitchen!

Char siew sou~ BBQ pork pastry! Crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside:)

Har gao~ prawn dumplings. Skin was a little thick, in my opinion, but that certainly did not deter me from eating them:)

Coin purse~ prawn wrapped in wanton pastry and fried until golden and crisp. Dip these in a little bit of mayonnaise for that extra burst of flavours:)

Char siew pau~ BBQ pork buns. My must have for dim sum, it's almost traditional!

Beef tripe~ not exactly something that I would eat but that choice is entirely up to you!

Prawn and vegetable dim sum~

Eastern Garden is located near Burnside Village, a newly opened shopping hub that carries higher end brands such as Pandora, Nine West, Mimco but also do have affordable brands such as Zara, Forever New and Esprit. If shopping is not to your liking, perhaps a bit of strolling around that area to Norwood (its not impossible because I did it!!:D)? Movies or bowling? Take your pick;)

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