Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Khang's Noodles

I particularly like this outlet (despite only having been here twice so far) because it's not too far away unlike the other restaurants and there is ample of seating area for customers.Other plus points would be quick service, extended opening hours and delicious tasting food at affordable prices:) It is located just opposite Greater Union cinema at Arndale shopping centre. Do drop by if you are around the area and you won't be disappointed!!

A bonus~ being able to watch masterchef on TV whilst slurping my noodles away..just the way I like to spend my afternoons hehe

Avacado smoothie~

Three bean sweet with durian~ The best of both worlds. I was initially torn between my love for beans and durian but after having a better look at the menu, I realized they have a combination of both ingredients in the same cup! Tastes exactly like durian and three bean sweet but so much better together. A good concoction and one that I would highly recommend;)

Seafood dried noodles~

Here's a better look at the noodles, for your entertainment:)

Chunky beef noodles~ When pho meets ABC soup!! I was skeptical at first as I associate chunky with massive portions, but thankfully (for my sake!), its not as chunky but sufficiently loaded with protein pieces.

And of course, you do get generous amounts of fiber in your diet. Soup tastes like beef stock but with hints of sweetness from the vegetables:)

The dried noodles after some mixing around~ not as dry as you think it is! Surprisingly enough, it is moist at the bottom and not stoughy in texture. Tastes good with a bit of dried chilli to bump up the flavours.

Khang's special fried noodles~ Never have I come across any fried vietnamese noodles and I have to admit, if it was as good as this, I have been missing out for some time!

Like most Vietnamese dishes, this one is no different in terms of portions. Heaps of seafood, vegetables and noodles in a big plate (enough for an adult and child, approximately). From the picture, you can tell that the noodles were piping hot when it reached our table. Slight sour/tangy taste, a bit like Pad Thai maybe, but still good overall;)

Alas, something to quench our thirst: Logan drink!! Refreshing, light and sweet way to end our meal:)

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