Friday, July 27, 2012

By Blackbird

Pastries, pastries, pastries..why am I experiencing this strange attraction towards freshly-baked goodies lately? Until I find the answer to this question, I shall continue my search for some of the most delicious pastry outlets in Adelaide!!:)

This time round, I am exploring the wonders of a different part of goodwood. When I looked up this place, I simply had no idea where am I heading to (and I have been residing in Adelaide for 4 years already?!!). All I could do was cross my fingers and hope that I can easily spot this place. It is relieving to see a row of shops with occupants in it and after scouting around the area, I am now more determined to hang around this area in the future. So many restaurants/ cafes to choose from but so little time:(

Anyway, enough rambling and straight to the good stuff. The cafe is sufficiently spacious and I like the idea of having sofas for seating and dim lights to brighten up the place. No, I am not trying to promote romance here but I do feel really relaxed with this type of setting:)

Croissant~ still delicious despite being out of the oven for some time already. Crusty on the outside and fluffy, fresh on the inside. Not too sure how to describe it but just go try it for yourself, alright?;)

Lemon tart~ deceptive! Who knew a humbly little tart could outshine some of it's more glamourous friends? I have paid a fair amount of money to taste really decorative desserts in the past but am not always entirely satisfied. This little delight doesn't cost too much and there is certainly enough zest in it to make you come back for more:)

Apple turnover with ice cream~ nothing beats having warm pastries on a cold winter night. I may be silly to be gobbling down cold ice cream in this weather but heck, I'd still do it because it is a match made in heaven.  Sinfully delicious, indeed!

Pear tart~ another little hidden treasure. I like how the pear pieces still felt fresh and juicy in my mouth and the tart pastry is simply amazinggg:D

Rum baba~ Brioche soaked in rum, served with pistachios, prunes and cream. Such a pretty dessert! Once I bit into it, I could immediately taste the rum flavour gently entering my system but don't worry, this won't make you feel intoxicated!:)

So that was how my night ended. Enough pastries to last me until the following week. But wait! Pastries taste their best when they are first removed from the oven, right? At least that's what I think.Must never be too satisfied with what you have but instead, strive for greater things.

So I came back again LOL!!!

Pear pastry~ yummm...looking at this picture makes me drool all over again. And true enough, it did tasted better in the morning (but it is still delicious even after some time so don't be discouraged from visiting at night!).

Almond croissant! I have sampled almond croissants from different parts of Adelaide and I have to admit, this one has the right balance of sticky-sweetness and crunchy, crisp textures. My only complaint would be that it's too small (but then again, all good things come in small packages, hey?) But still!!:((

Iced milk chocolate with orange~ Never ever had iced chocolate with fruit before but I am definitely going to be more adventurous in the future. Who knew it could be so refreshingly delicious:P

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Unknown said...

Definitely loving this place. We completely pigged out the other day!

Michelle said...

Glad you enjoyed yourself there! Their pies, quiche, tarts and croissants are simply irresistible! :D