Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dolce & Co

Managed to get a glimpse at this place on Facebook and knew immediately that I had to go here. Texted the sister and got the green light for a brunch trip here. Visited the market for some fresh groceries before jumping on the tram.

Not much sitting area but I think its the ideal place to go to for some peaceful "me" time:) Beautiful scenery and plenty of sunlight. Before I could even sit down, I couldn't stop browsing at the selection of goods tucked away under a glass frame. I could not decide which ones to pick! There's macarons, pastries, cakes, tarts and cookies to choose from. This is not making things easier for me lol

Passionfruit verrine~ jelly layer atop mousse but with more jelly pieces swimming in the mousse. Deceptive and delicious.

Raspberry lollipop~ Jam/ jelly, mousse, cake and biscuit layer. The perfect combination if you like tasting different textures:)

Framboise~ Raspberry overload!

Pina colada~ A zumbo-ish dessert. Caramelised bits of pineapple pieces in a mousse-ish block with some liquer in a syringe. Yup, pretty amazing;)

The passionfruit verrine was amazing (as you can tell from the picture). I have no idea how to describe it so I'll let the pictures do the talking;)

Overall, really really gorgeous pieces up for grabs and I would recommend bring a friend/ partner along so that you could taste a lot more before being too stuffed. The only downside that I could think of is that the place doesn't really open in the evening so it would be challenging for people like me, who lives further away from the city, to visit here often but hopefully, that would change in the future (for my sake hehe)

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