Sunday, June 24, 2012

June's mobile stories

What do you think of this title? These type of posts would normally be categorized under "mashups" or "random" but here's to me being a tad more organized with my layouts;)

June symbolizes the start of winter/ freezing season and what better way to kick start the month by having a warm bowl of chicken porridge:)

Made a marble cake but I may have over-dragged the different layers too much-.-

Green tea latte from Aviary~ another winter warmer:)

Oreos are a must have for surviving those crazy/ stressful days at work!

Interesting little bag indeed!

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away~ true enough. And it helps keep you hydrated!

Sale month~ I had to get some bling lol

Subway and cookies~ had this after going for some swimming with my brother. Such a rewarding way to fill yourself up after all the cardio workout!

Peter Alexander pyjamas and Au Matin cake for a special lil missy:D I still can't believe I managed to carry all these bags and the cake, without damaging/dropping the cake #awesomeness

Au Matin's ferrero rocher cake~  delicious and not too expensive. This one costs $28 and it's enough to feed 9 people + takeaways!:)

Nom nom nom~ love those different textures!

Pho~ winter warmer must have from Vietnam! I love having this with lots of dried chillies. Yummilicious!

Yours truly after a birthday celebration~ MNG blazer, ZARA dress and H&M necklace

Tasty fried chicken from Sweet Kitty, a newly opened Taiwanese dessert/ meal bar:)

Orange nailpolish from the boy~ This is the start of a new obession lol

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