Monday, May 27, 2013


After tucking into some hearty burgers from Fancy Burger, my instincts told me to drop by Burgastronomy, a new burger bar that has recently opened it's doors to the lucky folks up in North Adelaide and is gaining popularity at an escalating rate. I am inspired to create a burger guide to showcase Adelaide's yummiest burger joints because there's simply too many to choose from and it seems like a glutton's dream come true.

From my personal experience, I feel that Burgastronomy may only be able to accommodate a small number of dine-ins but it is good to know that the dine-in customers that I have seen thus far, are happy to share their table with another dine-in patron and do not appear to be seat hogs (individuals who would spend hours yakking away despite finishing their meals and hence, making other customers wait for prolonged hours to secure seats). Talk about foodies united for good food:)

The decor is minimal and best described as functional. The decor does depict a burger-making story and I get a somewhat hippie vibe upon entry here. Possibly my imagination bringing me back to the good ol' 80s?

I was fortunate enough to enter the kitchen and after a few quick browses, I have to salute the enthusiastic kitchen staff for putting up with such a tiny work space. My kitchen is not that big and yet, I still complain of not having enough room to work my magic. What an eye opener experience it was.

Another excellent interior design idea is to display the burger assembling process at the front counter for customers like me to ogle at. Watching buns get toasted in a convey belt was entertaining because the last time I saw this machine was 10 years ago at a hotel breakfast buffet. Pardon my silly inner childhood memory.
Trucker ~ Beef patty served with shredded lettuce, bacon, egg, cheese, caramelized onion, tomato ketchup and mayonnaise. Juicy and tasty best describes the burger and when combined with caramelized onions and melted cheese, it was divine. I could tell that the buns were fresh and were still fluffy on the inside despite having a crisp exterior texture. I did not add the mayonnaise to the burger as I prefer to taste the individual ingredients just as it is. However, I did stick my fries into a good dollop of mayonnaise every time.

Cheeseburger ~ Beef patty, melted cheese, onions, pickles and tomato ketchup sandwiched by a glossy sesame bun. Look at the shine on that burger and the cheese oozing all over the patty. This was picture perfect and everything an amateur food photographer wishes for. Admittedly, a few pictures appeared shaky as my hands were probably trembling at the thought of sinking my teeth into it. After I did the latter, all I could mumble was "it's good". And I am not lying!

Jalapeno poppers ~ Deep fried Jalapeno peppers stuffed with cream cheese. I like how the soft cream cheese pops out of the jalapeno with each bite. It is a refreshing sensation and the only negative is that there's not enough for me on that night. Might consider ordering more than a piece in the next visit.

Sweet potato chips ~ sweet potato is the new healthy tuber that everyone's raving about these days and what better way to welcome this orange vegetable than transforming it into an all-time favourite chip? The chips here have a nice crunch to them and goes really well with their homemade mayonnaise. That was the  first time I had sweet potato chips and I will definitely be back for more!

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