Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fancy Burger

Burger joints are sprouting in just about every corner of Adelaide but these are not your ordinary processed, factory burgers. I would like to refer them as gourmet burgers as they do cost slightly more than your average fast food burger, mainly because their innovators have added more love in the preparation process.

Fancy burger has been around for some time but it can be challenging to travel to Blackwood where their pioneer outlet is located, especially if you have limited transportation access. Realizing this had indeed left me wondering what their patties tastes like for some time. Alas, with the opening of a second shop on Rundle Street, I'm convinced that it must have been fate that had brought us together :)

The interior is moderately sized and appears to accommodate takeaways better. Nevertheless, we were able to grab a table for ourselves and I reckon it possibly meant that this place has a very fast customer turnover rate, which is ideal, of course.

It is situated on a less busy street that branches from Rundle Street, making it a perfect getaway from all the hustle and bustle stemming from the late night scene. I quickly glanced around whilst my companion placed our orders and I found the place to exert a very laidback feel. My thoughts immediately pinpointed this place as appropriate for grabbing a bite the next time I visit the nearby cinema. Or if I was still in university, after I have finished cramming my brains for assignments or upcoming tests/exams.

Now on to their menu. I find that most burger joints tend not to list too many burger variations on their menu and Fancy Burger is no exclusion to this theory. Rest assured, vegetarians are not forgotten here! This being my virgin excursion here, I placed my tummy on my companion's hands.

Tru Blu ~ South Australian steak, served with creamy blue cheese sauce, tomatoes, lettuce and relish. I was a little skeptical when this appeared on our table but after downing a couple of bites, I wanted to finish off the whole sandwich. The steak piece was still juicy as well as succulent and this went well with the stronger flavoured cheese sauce. The slices of tomatoes and lettuce were a refreshing addition to the sandwich.

The legend ~ Australian lamb, field mushroom, caramelized onions, goats cheese, herby mayonnaise, leaf salad and avocado. This is a tall burger and I have to admit that it was a bit messy trying to get everything to fit in my mouth. Definitely worth the effort in the end. The mushroom was not overcooked and soggy whilst the lamb piece was well cooked. I am a big fan of caramelized onions in sandwiches and burgers so bonus points for it!

Crispy bacon and cheese ~ beef, bacon, cheddar cheese, herby mayonnaise, salad and relish. This was a much lighter burger version for the night and as per photo, the proportion of vegetables to meat is quite evenly spaced. Not too much of either ingredient. Freshly toasted sesame burger buns and crispy bacon. Reminds me of breakfast in the morning, but at night this time. The salted bacon pieces was a lovely salty addition to it.

Chips ~ I shall never walk out of any burger parlours without sampling their fries. We had the smoked chilli mayonnaise which was a cooling contrast to the piping hot chips that probably just came out from the fryer. Chips had a nice crunch to them and definitely not too salty.

After this visit to Fancy Burger's branch on Rundle Street, I can only wonder what would the burgers taste like at their main outlet. I have compiled numerous opinions from various individuals but until I step into the Blackwood branch, I shall continue to ponder.

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