Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Rosegarden Thai Restaurant

When I step into a restaurant that I have previously had a good encounter with, I would definitely go back for a second bite. This Thai restaurant is fairly new to me but after an impressive dining experience here a few weeks ago, I wanted to sample more dishes from their menu and this visit requires back up. Yes, I mean sibling support, the kind of assistance that knows no barriers. All you need is someone to bear the cost of the expenditure, which, in this scenario, was...can you guess?

Drunken noodles~ we decided to stick to our preferred type of Thai carbohydrates and this was something we were fond of once upon a time. Fat rice noodles cooked with lovely sweet and sour sauce, loaded with heaps of vegetables and chicken pieces. This was a delicious noodle this indeed.

Pad Thai~ after sampling a few pad thais from various restaurants, it may be concluded that different restaurants serve up different versions of these noodles. We found this dish to be a little sweeter and injected with a tinge too much tomato essence in it. Nevertheless, we did not have any problems polishing off the entire plate.

Thai fried rice~ we had high hopes on this dish but it fell short of our expectations. It was slightly bland and as the picture shows, it probably needed a few extra ingredients to bring it up a whole new level. However, we did use the rice to soak up all the curry gravy from the other dishes so no wastage was experienced that night.

Pandan chicken~ chicken fillet wrapped in pandan leaves before being fried and served with sweet chilli sauce. This is a tasty dish but I would prefer if the chicken bits were bigger. Oh wells, one has to compromise quality for quantity, no?:)

Seafood tom yum~ each of us (there were 3 of us hungry monsters) had about 2 prawns each and were still puzzled as to why were there still prawns swimming in the soup! The chef is generous with his/her seafood portions and we couldn't disagree more. Sure did made up for the smaller portion of pandan chicken.

Green curry chicken~ not too spicy and loaded with unique spices. Delicious, moist chicken bits drowning in a coconut milk based curry. Another dish that we did not have problems finishing off!

Red duck curry~ admittedly, I have not ordered many duck dishes in the past but I do know when a duck is perfectly cooked. It seems that you can not go wrong with ordering duck curry in many places as the duck meat is usually succulent, flavourful and plentiful? Our dishes gradually made its way to our table so by the time this bowl hits our table, we had wiped off more than half a plate of rice! It was a struggle to finish this without much rice to soak up the gravy!

Overall, we were filled to the brim and the entire dinner meal costs about $90, inclusive of their special fish dish which I did not have a clear picture to post up here. We left very satisfied and intoxicated with joy.

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