Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Chocolateria San Churros

A couple of weeks ago, I had a rare opportunity to pop by San Churros for one of those heart-to-heart talk with a couple of friends. It was an impromptu thought, one which I clearly did not expect or mind because I have been dying to visit this outlet since they opened up early this year. This chocolateria injected a major buzz to the dessert night scene and I have heard a few tales about how difficult it was to secure seats, regardless of what time you rock up!

Oh well, nothing I can do about it but to wait in line like a normal customer. Thankfully, we managed to squeeze ourselves in at 11pm, just before they shut their doors at midnight. Everything on the menu looks tempting and the front counter display did not ease my indecisive mind at all. I have to take my hat off to the visual manager on duty as the individually wrapped chocolate packages, hot chocolate canisters, nibble bags and coffee bean bags were strategically placed near the cashier/ front counter, making it easier for foodies like me to browse through their retail products.

San Churros cake ~ of lately, I have a strange affection for cakes. Not the light and fluffy types but rather, the thick, heavy and decadent version, please. This slice of indulgence ticked all the right boxes and I am ashamed to confess that I managed to finish 80% of it. The cake layer wasn't very heavy and if I am not wrong, the chocolate mousse filling had a lighter consistency. The thick chocolate ganache and caramel layer brought on a much needed contrast to the cake. Overall, I have enjoyed this immensely and highly recommend you get yourself a slice of it too!

You will obviously need a delicious drink to wash everything down and I may have the solution that you are after.
Iced chocolate ~ I am not a big fan of iced chocolate drinks but I find the ones here are decent and perfect to have, especially during those hot, summery days.

Peanut butter besos ~ Milk chocolate, peanut butter and vanilla ice cream. I am nuts over anything that has a drop of peanut butter in it and this particular drink was pretty addictive. Once you have a slurp of it, you will forget those countless of hours straining yourself in the gym! It is not excessively thick and sweet. A must have in my books!

Churros for two ~ these sticks of churros were fried not too long after we placed our orders and I am happy to say that the oil used for frying appears to be changed quite regularly as there is no fried residues sticking to the churros. I would have liked a bit more colour on them but aside from that, the churros were pretty crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Each platter of churros comes with a few pots of melted couverture chocolate/caramel, which provides a nice selection of choices.

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