Thursday, May 9, 2013

Chimichurri Grill Mobile Food Truck

Over the past few months, Adelaide city appears to be beaming with weekly/monthly events, of which, is a lovely initiative from both the Adelaide council and event organizers. Aside from the popular "Fork On The Road" (a gathering for local food trucks to showcase their unique delicacies) , we Adelaide folks are lucky to have a fortnightly night market, hosted by Splash Adelaide. This is not a large scale project, but rather, a moderate sized happening that features handcrafts, music and most importantly, food.

I have seen this event pop up at North Terrace a few times and if you are a first-timer, you should definitely head over to have a look. We slowly browsed the stalls and the photographer in me was excited with this rare opportunity to practice some street photography. I still think my food photography ranks superior though, unfortunately.

Pedestrians, shoppers, name it...just about everyone was curious and could not resist stopping by to order some food. The wafting scent of cooked food was too irresistible and if there's a queue, you know you are in for a treat!

Admittedly, there was one stall that I was dying to visit since I first read about it. Toasted ciabatta, grilled chorizo, piping hot and crunchy chips, chimichurri sauce...Yes, you guessed it. It is the notoriously delicious Chimichurri Grill Mobile Food Truck!

Pricing wise, it was not too bad for a well-prepared sandwich that is about the size of a foot long Subway. We were still a little filled from lunch and opted to try just one sandwich variation along with a cup of freshly fried chips and Chimi mayo dipping sauce.

The menu is not extensive but yet, all the options available sounded so finger licking good and that made the decision process a tough one!

There is also a very hip looking car that has a television screen on play and sells alcoholic beverages. Pretty neat, ey?:)

Chimi chorizo~ spicy chorizo sausage served on a long roll with roasted capsicum, rocket, provolone cheese and chimichurri sauce. For an extra $3, we added a side of their beer-battered chips which were simply delicious. It was a bit messy to tackle this big fella and I enjoyed every minute of it. The chimichurri sauce was very flavourful and when mixed with the already robust tasting chorizo sausage, it was heavenly. Highly recommended, especially on perfect weathers!

Another interesting food truck that I would love to try would be this Hungarian chimney cake station. The lady behind the counter would immediately work her fingers on the dough and cook them in what appears to be an open oven before proceeding to dust the cooked cake with cinnamon infused sugar. From memory, the a loaf of chimney cake costs about $6.80 each but it was a popular item among visitors. Have to try it out next time!

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