Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Caffe cena and Ikea

One of the suburbs that I have yet to explore would be Prospect. I have been here a handful of times, mostly at night, be it dining at Shanker's or feeding my sweet cravings at Devour. Not so much a morning person here as I am not familiar with whereabouts to have a meal!

So I stumbled upon Caffe Cena whilst picking up a birthday cake from Muratti and the hungry me did not resist ordering the big brekkie whilst the sister had her usual cuppa and eggs benedict. I had a really bad experience with the transport system earlier on and wanted to eat my thoughts away.

Ample of seating area!

Ample of parking space! Bonus, ey?

Eggs benedict~ As I have said it a million times to my family and friends, there can never be a bad brekkie place in Adelaide. Sure there are superb brekkie cafes that serve up more refined/gourmet-ish meals but most of the time, any delicious brekkies would be enough to keep this glutton satisfied.

Big brekkie with the works~ poached eggs, sauteed mushrooms, oven-roasted tomatoes, sausages, bacon, hash brown and toasted pieces of bread. Delicious. This is the standard platter to order if you want to fill yourself up with protein, cholesterol, carbohydrate and fiber.

On the following day, I was dragged to Ikea because the sister wanted to get herself a spanking new cupboard to store her clothes in and guess where did we go for our meal? Yep, I will never miss the opportunity to tuck in at their restaurant. Affordable meals which don't taste that horrible at all (not much can be said about their coffee though...).

Pancake cravings satisfied.

How about some Ikea meatballs? I love gobbling them down, dipped in cranberry sauce! There's something not quite right about mixing savoury food with sweet items, however, I can make room for exceptions:)

Ikea's brekkie at $3.95~ yes it is a cheap meal but don't have high expectations for it. Remember, you are getting what you are paying for. Still decent, nonetheless:)

I shall now amuse you with some snippets from wandering around Ikea. I swear that place has some amazing interior decorators working around the clock to keep the area updated with latest fads/ trends!

Drawn to lamps like a bug. Pink, orange and green lamps, anyone?

My obsession with photo frames continues.

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