Monday, July 29, 2013

Astonish Patisserie

Alas, an opportunity to visit Astonish after what felt like ages since I indulged in a sinful piece of sweet! Have to admit that this trip was pretty unexpected as we had no idea where to head to after dinner in Chinatown. We could have gone to Dessert Story for Asian inspired desserts or Gelatissimo for gelato or even the newly opened St.Louis but perhaps another day. On the flip side, rumour has it that San Churros is opening another outlet in the heart of Chinatown soon? ;)

Astonish is not exactly located in the middle of Gouger Street but if you don't mind walking for at most 7 minutes, you are bound to find a very homely decorated dessert place that has an interesting array of wine selection to cater for the alcoholics out there. And by homely, I mean it. I felt at home just from starring at the book shelves and chimney (wonder if Santa Claus is going to make an appearance for Australia's Christmas in July?).

Iced  chocolate ~ Tasted fine to me although I preferred having the ice blended into finer pieces rather than having big ice cubes floating in my glass:)

Tiramisu ~ was craving for a good serving of tiramisu and got my wish granted! I enjoyed every bit of this and the only downside I could comment on is that it needs to come in a bigger pot!:(

Chocolate tart ~ Gotta admit that a lot of preparation went into constructing this dish but I personally felt that it did not need the white chocolate decor or a big plate to serve it in. Was a good tart on it's own:)

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thealphabetofFood said...

Hi there,
Great post! I'm loving your blog as I am also a lover of all things sweet.
Yes you heard correctly - San Churro's has opened its doors at where House of Pearl used to be.
I haven't been back to Astonish since it first opened. I've seen th Astonish sign outside of 'Moodle' on Grote st. Do you know if they are actually serving Astonish desserts there?

Michelle said...

Hm..I did wonder if there is another Astonish cafe near the Moodle noodle house but it's hardly opened or maybe Astonish is planning to move there? Might have to wait and see:)