Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Chat Thai

After being filled with Japanese ramen on day 1, we decided to venture out of our comfort zone and sample some Thai food. I am secretly proud of Adelaide's Thai food standards and often wonder how would it fare compared to the ones from other states. Chat Thai sits on the top of my Sydney Thai food list and being conveniently located in the heart of the city, I made sure it was the only one I try if I am craving for it!

Knowing that most restaurants in the CBD area would be buzzing with the afternoon lunch crowd, we quickly brought ourselves here and managed to squeeze into a small table at the corner of the shop. Each plate of food that arrives at a table appeared vibrant and fresh; exactly how I like my Thai food to be!

The menu was very extensive and how I wished I  could try most of the dishes. I was very unfamiliar with the interesting variety of dishes Chat Thai has to offer! If only I have not been snacking too much before lunch, otherwise I would have gladly ordered myself a few dishes and a steaming bowl of rice, of course:)

Ki mao ~ Stir fry rice noodles with chicken, chilli and holy basil in dark soy sauce. My first impression of the dish? Loaded with chilli and luckily I can tolerate hot food pretty decently but be warned if you have a low threshold! After a few bites, I found the noodles to be a tad oily for my preference but overall, I did enjoy it. Definitely not the same as the one I had in Adelaide but still packed with flavour:)

Khao Mhu Daeng ~ assiette of pork with pickled plum, lemongrass sauce and rice. Generous portions provided and I like how the chef ensures there's sufficient gravy to mix your rice with. Was yummy and pork was not dry!:)

I love the amazing variety of dishes available here and if I do drop by Sydney again in the future, would certainly head here, but with more backup tummies, that is!

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