Wednesday, July 31, 2013

By Blackbird

Back to visiting our sinfully good friend, Blackbird, to try out some of their latest additions to their pastry collection. Their front counter has an amazing display of freshly baked produces and this time round, the pastry chef had been increasing the quantities of "kitchen exports" to cater for their growing customer base.

Strawberry and pistachio tart ~ aesthetically pretty and delicious! The pistachio cream does not taste strangely overpowering and blends in well with the frangipane filling.

Lemon tart ~ classics are always best when executed well. Smooth, creamy lemon filling encased in a buttery tart shell. Had to order another one after I finished this one!

Mushroom quiche ~ I like Blackbird for the fact that they do not compromise their quality standards to keep up with quantity. This mushroom quiche was love at first sight when I had it last year and it still tastes the same!

Mini tartlettes ~ I can't wait until Blackbird comes up with a tasting platter or even an afternoon high tea session:)

Apple pastry ~ flaky pastry and soft apple slices. I have upgraded from eating apple pies from McDonalds.

Chocolate croissant ~ multiple layered pastry which had probably been handled by the chef for hours, showcasing the chef's labour of love (which I shamefully finished in less than 5 minutes).

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