Monday, July 8, 2013

Pub meal

When people say that they are heading to the pub, I assume that they were referring to having a fun night out with friends and booze. This is partially correct as for the foodies out there, it may most likely mean heading to the pub's restaurant. I try not to go to any pub restaurant too late at night, just in case I get myself into a bit of trouble with a drunk patron, and on the rare occasions that I do, I have to lure a couple of people for assistance. Not in the form of protection, more so for tummy space!

A standard sized meal at most pubs would be more than enough for someone of my built and hence, meal sharing is a last-resort-option, especially if I had a heavy meal during the day. A pub staple of mine would be the Aussie schnitzel served with a generous portion of fries. A very filling meal on it's own.

I shall now proceed to explain about a particular pub in Murray Bridge, where yet another delicious piece of schnitzel can be found at less than $20 (can't remember the exact price, unfortunately).

This pub restaurant is a bit more classy than the usual ones I have frequented over the years and they have a salad bar. Say whattt??? Yes, you heard me right. And to top it off, you can help yourself to anything and everything in the salad bar countless of times. You can choose from having a simple garden salad, to something heavier like an egg salad or cold pasta salad, to something warm like baked cauliflower in a cheesy sauce and baked carrots. I had 3 servings of salad before my main arrived!

Lamb shank ~ meat that melts easily and loaded with flavour after sitting in a slow-cooker for hours. I have a weakness for mashed potatoes, especially when it's utilized as a flavour carrier as seen in the picture. Good gravy, soft meat and a bed of warm mashed potatoes can be found in my tummy that night.

Chicken schnitzel ~ a good schnitzel has to have 2 important components to it: crunchy exterior texture and juicy meat fillet. This one ticked the right boxes and when it's been served with a few ladles of delicious brown sauce, it has to be the pub chef's picasso. Thumbs up for not being served soggy chips that night too!

I don't drink beer (or booze) but I can imagine any Aussie lad having a good time with his mates over a delicious pub meal whilst watching a footy game on the tv. A good way to end the week!

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