Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bracegirldes encore!

I have blogged about Bracegirdles before so here's a little mini, bonus post dedicated to one of my favourite chocolate shops in Adelaide. Not only do they offer a huge variety of chocolates, but also an equally extensive range of desserts as well.

If having a chocolate fondue does not tickle your fancy, how about a luscious piece of mudcake or a light, fluffy waffle instead? Feeling a tad parched? Hot chocolate or coffee? :)

I was adventurous (or too sleepy) one day and decided to have an affogato shot. Yep, sure did wake me up after that.

Almond croissant ~ not exactly the fluffiest ones I have had but I do like a sticky and dense one at times:)

Alas, my absolute must have at Bracegirdles - a piece of waffle with vanilla ice cream, chopped strawberries and a small pot of warm, melted chocolate to drizzle over the entire plate. Probably best consumed whilst the chocolate is still warm otherwise it may harden up and that won't be an appealing foodie moment at all:/

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